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Anonymous said: 1,4,10,21,37,45

1. idk im not really talking to anyone right now
4. i am listening to the sound of thanksgiving dinner cook
10. idk it would be nice to be snuggling with someone i care about but i dont know if i really care about someone like that right now 
21. lmfao multiple times -__- 
37. not that i can remember!
45. haha yeah i actually get that more often than any other complement  

Anonymous said: If you could fuck any girl in the world who would it be?

aghh emma stone or emma watson 

Anonymous said: I would really enjoy sitting on your face

lmfaoooo thank you i guess

Anonymous said: Brown

cool cool cool i love hate mail <3

Anonymous said: Who's the last perso hooked up with?

this girl marissa :X

Anonymous said: Olive , amber, pink

:3 thank you